Open Space Community Acupuncture - Union Square

70 Union Square #102, Somerville, MA 02143    |     617-627-9700


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“A warm atmosphere, gentle hands, delicate needles, comfortable chairs equals perfect chi and a great acupuncture treatment. It’s better than pills for aches and pains.”  – Pat


” My carpel tunnel is much better after treatments and a few treatments gave me instant relief, like being able to snap the fingers which is cool….. that lasted for days.. Some people think that it only lasts for a few hours and then comes back, but going regularly keeps the healing going on and on. I had neck surgery and still have some pain but my visits  really help a lot. It also keeps my stress level down.”   – Wendi


“I lived with pain in my back from disc ruptures for 18 years with no hope for relief until I found Community Acupuncture. Since starting treatment in March 2008, within the first week the pain started to subside and now I am able to sleep, do light work, and get around with little or no pain. I still do treatments 1 or 2 days a week to maintain and get relief from other injuries. Overall the healing energy in a Community Acupuncture setting is unbelievable. The acupuncturists are the main anchor for this energy.”

“Thanks to everyone in the Community Acupuncture Network.” – Peter


“These women, and this place, is stellar. True to the tradition of acupuncture, which treasures a shared space for rest and healing, it’s really a great spot. And more than affordable. I couldn’t afford it any other way, but even if I could, I would still come to these women…

..The space is cozy, modest, comfortable, and well used. The music they play is tasteful. I have spend hours sleeping with needles in that place. I leave feeling well nurtured and attended to. It’s a great refuge.”      -Lily


“Check this place out!
I went to Open Space two weeks ago, and have been back several times.
Open space Acupuncture is WONDERFUL!!!

This place is a find…. affordable, great environment, and the owner is a first class practicioner.
Great results, easy to book, and with the sliding scale anyone can now get healing accupuncture from a highly skilled and intuitive professional.
$15 lowest rate, and top rate of $40.
But the best part….. is I am getting relief and great results!!!
If you are in pain, or need some fine tuning, I would give Open Space a try.”      -Michael


“I have used Daphne, Dalit and Katie so far. I have a odd rotating work schedule so I can’t seem to get to stick with the same therapist. However, please still note my 5 star review. All three have been fantastic. They ask intuitive questions and treat you for your complaints. The treatments appear to be effective, at least for me, and I will be going back again and again.”    –Lisa (yelp review)


“I heard of Daphne through a friend that had been having hot flashes and depression from menopause. A few months later my own hot flashes and depression got so severe, I decided to try it since I had tried medication that did not work. After a few sessions I noticed a huge improvement. Now I have not had any hot flashes and the depression has improved. Daphne I feel saved my life. I was so over tired from being woken up all night long. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.”  – Donna


“My experience with acupuncture has always been very positive. After a broken femur and bad therapy, my arthritic hip was very bad. At this present time, I have gone from a great deal of pain and very limited movement and a cane to nearly unlimited movement, no pain unless I strain that hip joint, and at home I do not use a cane. This is in a period of about 3-1/2 months. Arthritis is the easiest ailment for acupuncture to treat successfully. I play the drums so it is essential that I am able to sit astride the snare and have both legs and feet workable. – Barbara, age 87


“Very relaxing. Amazing stress relief. Feels like I’ve meditated for a couple of hours. I feel like the treatments are keeping me healthy.”


“I have a relaxed feeling of well-being after treatment. Treatment definitely helped my wrist after I injured it skateboarding. It dropped 50% in pain in one session.”  -Kevin

Also see our reviews on Yelp