Open Space Community Acupuncture - Union Square

70 Union Square #102, Somerville, MA 02143    |     617-627-9700


Free Qi Gong Class Sat. March 3rd, 1:00 in the Clinic

Like acupuncture, Qi Gong activates meridians creating a sense of wellbeing and building health. Instead of needles we use breath and movement; it is a way to cultivate your own health, so after this class, we will say: yes, please do try this at home! Andrew Cheever is offering this class free. Andrew is not only a licensed acupuncturist, but holds a Master rank in Soo Bahk Do, a Korean martial art. Please reserve your spot here.

POCA: Join the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture!

$10 treatments all month in January & October, one free treatment in May, a free treatment the week of your birthday and more – Becoming a member is easy! Scroll down for more info

Two for One Day:

The 21st of every month is Two-for-One day. Come in with a friend! The two of you get your treatments for the price of one. This offer is available to new patients too- just add in the $10 intake fee for each new person. Book two appointments.

Free “Relax” Treatments weekdays for New Patients

This is a simple treatment, no intake or focus on symptoms. It is a chance for people new to the clinic to experience acupuncture here with a focus on relaxation. Available on weekdays.

Monthly Vocational Specials:

Please share with your coworkers & help us spread the word!
Each month we offer discounted treatments to anyone in the field of that month’s vocation; except January and October when we offer $10 treatments all month to POCA Co-Op members (becoming a member is easy! Info below)
JANUARY: $10 treatments for POCA Co-Op members! Information & Sign-up link below
FEBRUARY: $15 Treatments for Techies and their support staff- those who make computers work!
MARCH: $15 Treatments for Cleaners
APRIL: $15 Treatments for Health Care Workers/Care-takers
MAY: $15 Treatments for Co-op members and Food Retail workers (super market & other food store workers, their delivery drivers, stockers, management, etc)
JUNE: $15 Treatments for Government workers, Non Profit Workers and Union Members
JULY: $15 Treatments for Cyclists and Professional Athletes
AUGUST: $15 Treatments for Artists, Musicians, Performers, Writers & also Farmers and Public Gardeners
SEPTEMBER: $15 Treatments for Teachers, Students and School workers of all sorts
OCTOBER: POCA Membership Drive: $10 treatments for POCA Co-Op members! Information & Sign-up link below.
NOVEMBER: $15 Treatments for Service Industry & Tip Earners of all sorts
DECEMBER: $15 Treatments for 1st Responders- Fire-fighters, police, EMT, admin support, all those who make emergency response happen.

Unemployed Rate

Our $20-$40 sliding scale drops to $15 Monday through Saturday for anyone who’s currently unemployed.

Industry Mondays

Our $20-$40 sliding scale drops to $15 every Monday for our friends in the service industry.


Love the Way This Clinic is Set Up?
It is thanks to the co-op, POCA – the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, that we operate the way we do.
As a clinic, OSCA and over 200 other member clinics around the country, get enormous support from POCA. We also love that POCA creates micro-loans to help start up new clinics in under-served areas, and that POCA is addressing student debt through POCA-Tech, an affordable acupuncture school.
We are always eager to have our patients get more involved in the roots of community acupuncture by becoming a member.

Patients can join this acu- co-op?

Yes! We love the show of support and in turn offer perks:

• $10 treatments January and October at OSCA
• 1 FREE treatment the week of your birthday
• 1 FREE treatment at OSCA every May
• 3 FREE treatment cards for friends/family
• NO initial paperwork fee at any POCA clinics (over 200 affordable acupuncture clinics around the country, and growing!) get your acupuncture when you travel!
• Volunteer at your local POCA clinic or for POCA
Membership is on a sliding scale, $25-­$100 annually. Select “Open Space Community Acupuncture” as your clinic when you sign up!
Become a member here