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POCA: Join the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture!

$10 treatments all month in January & October, one free treatment in May, a free treatment the week of your birthday and more – Becoming a member is easy! Scroll down for more info

Two for One Day:

The 21st of every month is Two-for-One day. Come in with a friend! The two of you get your treatments for the price of one. This offer is available to new patients too- just add in the $10 intake fee for each new person. Book two appointments.

Acupuncture and Essential Oils Workshop

Dec. 16th 12:30-2:30 $20-$40 sliding scale. Sign up to reserve your spot.
Of the five senses, smell is one of the most powerful and least developed. Come wake this sense up and experience the health benefits 1essential oils paired with the deep relaxation of acupuncture. Vera Ventura, certified yoga teacher/ Do-Terra therapeutic grade essential oil rep & guru joins Daphne Jochnick, acupuncturist and owner of Open Space Community Acupuncture for this relaxing and restorative workshop. Information session is followed by an acu-e.o. treatment. Prepare for Zen! $20-$40 sliding scale. Space limited, reserve your place here.

Free “Relax” Treatments weekdays for New Patients

This is a simple treatment, no intake or focus on symptoms. It is a chance for people new to the clinic to experience acupuncture here with a focus on relaxation. Available on weekdays.

Monthly Vocational Specials:

Please share with your coworkers & help us spread the word!
Each month we offer discounted treatments to anyone in the field of that month’s vocation; except January and October when we offer $10 treatments all month to POCA Co-Op members (becoming a member is easy! Info below)
JANUARY: $10 treatments for POCA Co-Op members! Information & Sign-up link below
FEBRUARY: $15 Treatments for Techies and their support staff- those who make computers work!
MARCH: $15 Treatments for Cleaners
APRIL: $15 Treatments for Health Care Workers/Care-takers
MAY: $15 Treatments for Co-op members and Food Retail workers (super market & other food store workers, their delivery drivers, stockers, management, etc)
JUNE: $15 Treatments for Government workers, Non Profit Workers and Union Members
JULY: $15 Treatments for Cyclists and Professional Athletes
AUGUST: $15 Treatments for Artists, Musicians, Performers, Writers & also Farmers and Public Gardeners
SEPTEMBER: $15 Treatments for Teachers, Students and School workers of all sorts
OCTOBER: POCA Membership Drive: $10 treatments for POCA Co-Op members! Information & Sign-up link below.
NOVEMBER: $15 Treatments for Service Industry & Tip Earners of all sorts
DECEMBER: $15 Treatments for 1st Responders- Fire-fighters, police, EMT, admin support, all those who make emergency response happen.

Unemployed Rate

Our $20-$40 sliding scale drops to $15 Monday through Saturday for anyone who’s currently unemployed.

Industry Mondays

Our $20-$40 sliding scale drops to $15 every Monday for our friends in the service industry.


Love the Way This Clinic is Set Up?
It is thanks to the co-op, POCA – the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, that we operate the way we do.
As a clinic, OSCA and over 200 other member clinics around the country, get enormous support from POCA. We also love that POCA creates micro-loans to help start up new clinics in under-served areas, and that POCA is addressing student debt through POCA-Tech, an affordable acupuncture school.
We are always eager to have our patients get more involved in the roots of community acupuncture by becoming a member.

Patients can join this acu- co-op?

Yes! We love the show of support and in turn offer perks:

• $10 treatments January and October at OSCA
• 1 FREE treatment the week of your birthday
• 1 FREE treatment at OSCA every May
• 3 FREE treatment cards for friends/family
• NO initial paperwork fee at any POCA clinics (over 200 affordable acupuncture clinics around the country, and growing!) get your acupuncture when you travel!
• Volunteer at your local POCA clinic or for POCA
Membership is on a sliding scale, $25-­$100 annually. Select “Open Space Community Acupuncture” as your clinic when you sign up!
Become a member here